Situated on more than 40 acres of pristine land with a half-mile of natural, untamed shoreline upon East Sound on Orcas Island, Madroneagle is an extraordinary expression of synergy between artisans and patron uniting in a living masterpiece. Adjacent to the historic Rosario Resort, the private community encompassed by this estate represents the apogee of the builder’s art. It is a loving testament to craftsmanship, history and nature as illustrated by its organic integration with native surroundings, the meticulously considered honesty of its materials, and the encompassing warmth and approachability that these results yield. 

Madroneagle will be the crowning acquisition in a carefully curated real estate portfolio. It offers an authenticity of vision, tempered by whimsy and playfulness that is impossible to replicate, and it does so immediately for a fraction of its replacement cost. Madroneagle is unique. It has soul. It resonates with a sense of history that can only be achieved over time and through materials that have lived other lives. It is a living legacy that grows with the patina and memories that accumulate on its hand-wrought surfaces and within its joyously crafted spaces.



42.86 Acres

Main House

4 Bedroom / 3.75 Bathrooms / 10,000 Sq. Ft. 



Built as a labor of love, Madroneagle stands as a testament to nature, quality and discerning taste.




Orcas Island offers a four-season island lifestyle with a robust cultural scene; charming village life with a hardware store, numerous artisanal purveyors, boutiques, galleries, and organic grocers; and all of the medical facilities and residential conveniences necessary for comfortable and engaged year-round living. The island’s gorgeous surroundings and idyllic lifestyle make it a magnet for people of great talent and accomplishment, and thus leads to an unusually diverse and active community.

Orcas Island is a profoundly laid back, comfortable and safe community in which people of great affluence and stature can decompress and be themselves, surrounded by the charms that only a small town atmosphere can provide. It is a popular natural getaway and home base for many notable and famous individuals, as its unique setting affords an enviable level of privacy and a live-and-let-live culture in which the extraordinary can lead slower and more ordinary existences, supported by great cultural resources, renowned schools and friendly people. 

A truly singular portfolio of property and structures. It comprises the majestic main house and gardens, a completely autonomous second residence above the beach known as the gallery house (on separate tax parcel), the barn and shop area and tea house, as well as numerous outbuildings that include a separate garage for guest parking or ongoing projects, boat storage and structures dedicated to water systems, wood and equipment storage. This is an estate that can take care of itself, and which is built to withstand generations of use and island conditions.




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