Promoting Natural Surroundings

Madroneagle represents a truly singular portfolio of property and structures. It comprises the majestic main house and gardens, a completely autonomous second residence above the beach known as the gallery house (on separate tax parcel), the barn and shop area and tea house, as well as numerous outbuildings that include a separate garage for guest parking or ongoing projects, boat storage and structures dedicated to water systems, wood and equipment storage. This is an estate that can take care of itself, and which is built to withstand generations of use and island conditions.

All structures are connected to one another by a series of artfully landscaped and arranged paths that wind through the compound’s beautiful and protected natural surroundings, giving even mundane chores the sense of a forest walk.

Topographically, the property sits atop a stone outcrop above a half-mile of level and completely unspoiled beachfront with ruggedly beautiful cliffs where Eagles soar. 

The upper areas include evergreen forest, a pond and innumerable namesake Madrona trees growing out over the beach from the cliff. The main compound is accessed by a crushed stone roadway that carries visitors from the entry, with its subtle stone wall and artisanal steel and copper gates. A sturdily built staircase with multiple landings and lookouts carries people down to the beach from the gallery house’s deck.

Life at Madroneagle is an existence of sublime tranquility, broken by frequent sightings of incredible native wildlife that live on the land, in the sea and among the trees. Orca pods and passing ships are great subjects for photographers and telescope gazers alike. Professional landscaping is seamlessly integrated into the natural surrounds to preserve an organic effect that makes the estate seem to have evolved from its native lands.





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A Living Masterpiece

Madroneagle is unique. It has soul. It resonates with a sense of history that can only be achieved over time and through materials that have lived other lives. It is a living legacy that grows with the patina and memories that accumulate on its hand-wrought surfaces and within its joyously crafted spaces.