Lower Level

The lower level is devoted to three purposes: dedicated home office space, integrated storage, and the enjoyment of wine.

Two huge offices, one an antechamber to the other, and a filing area dominate this floor and provide a high performance command center from which world-wide business can easily and efficiently be conducted by an individual or a full staff.  Global access is provided by broadband telecommunications sufficient for even the most aggressive day trader.

Approximately a third of the lower level is designed for organized storage, with a large main utility area and an inner space that is easily used for high security storage.

Finally, the central section of the ground floor is dedicated to storing and enjoying wine, with a large, temperature-controlled cellar accessed by an incredible archway that is sculpted from a natural Madrona trunk harvested from the property. A charming tasting area sits just outside, with easy access to the back patio for enjoyment alfresco.

Madroneagle’s zeitgeist is defined by the uniquely unpretentious grandeur of its main house as a place to gather, celebrate and pass down through generations. Its hand-made surfaces and historic materials lend it a timelessness and resilience that is immune to trends and begs to be enjoyed, whether as a venue for the consummate entertainer, the hub of multi-generational escapes or the tranquil retreat for lazy weekend afternoons.